Gurgly Jugs

Our Gurgly Jugs are based on an original design – first made in the 1870’s. They make a wonderful ‘glug glug’ sound when water is poured and are a great talking point around the table. Hand-made exclusively for us, from durable earthenware, the jugs are versatile and can be used as a water jug, carafe, vase, utensil holder or simply as a decorative ornament. Using fine, translucent glazes the jugs have a high gloss finish which make them a striking addition to any home.

These jugs make great presents and are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and house-warming gifts. They appeal to all ages and gender and every household should have one!

Size - Small

Capacity – 750 ml
Height – 23 cm
Weight– 1kg (unfilled)

Size - Mini

Capacity – 50 ml
Height – 10 cm
Weight – 150g (unfilled)

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