Sardines by Fiona Bates

Lovely hand-made ceramic sardines in a tin/fish. Made by Fiona Bates based in Devon. A great gift for a dear friend, family member or a treat for yourself! The artworks look great sitting on a shelf or on wall display at home.

3-sardines: 10cm long, 8cm wide and 4cm deep

5-sardines:  12cm long, 8cm wide and 6cm deep

Circle tin:  8cm diameter, 5cm deep

Crown fish:  12cm long, 10cm wide and 4cm deep

Heads & Tails:  Head - 12cm long, 9cm wide and 9cm deep;
                         Tail - 9cm long  and 14cm deep .                  

Please note each item is hand crafted and subject to slight variations in colour/look.

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