Duo of Blue Fish by Jane James

An award winning artist from the Channel Islands, Jane James ceramics are either hand cut or press moulded from white earthenware clay. The ceramics are  fired twice to produce beautifully bold and bright ceramic pieces with a magical lustre finish that capture the shimmering colours of the sea. Most of Jane’s pieces are mounted on local driftwood collected from the many beautiful beaches around Jersey.  Jane's work is identified using a handmade ceramic button signed with the letter ‘J’. 

Like a tester pallet of colourful glazes these fish pallets show 5 ceramic fish lined up ready for you to choose which one you like the most. Created using some of our most popular glazes and mounted on Jersey driftwood. Please note due to their unique nature there may be slight colour toine variations.

Dimensions: Width 13cm  Height 20.5cm  Depth 5.7cm


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